White shining!

05 Juillet 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Hot summer makes us happy with pleasant changes and presents. You have seen and read about them but you could not touch them. A lot more is still waiting for you!

Today we would like to announce an unprecedential quest chain. When you complete it you can receive up to 15 White runes and later on you will be able to change your Heroes’ clothes and get ready for new ults!

White shining!

Today you will find a special quest chain in your Castles. When you complete it till the end, you will get 15 White runes!

Hurry up to complete all quests – the chain is available till 9:00 UTC July 10th.

Please note that you can complete the quest chain at once – each quest will open as soon as you finish the previous one.


Kill 50 enemy soldiers in Borderlands

1 White rune


Raise 10 flags in Borderlands

2 White runes

  Destroy 3 Towers in Borderlands 3 White runes
  Kill the Fire Drake or the Kitton 4 times in Borderlands 4 White runes
  Kill 10 enemy Heroes in Borderlands 5 White runes

Collect all White runes!

Your Prime World Team