Current status of the problem with entering the castle

24 Mars 2016

Dear players!

The cause, which led to the problem with entering the castle and client crash after Patch 10.8 installation and affected a part of our users was found and localized by our specialists. We are currently working on a hotfix that will solve this issue.

The following problem was caused by that after the update was installed on our game server, the castle application has started to use more RAM. On some computers with 32- and 64-bit systems, which are equipped with smaller RAM capacity or if the main memory was busy with other applications - the capacity of the used memory has reached critical levels. Our first version that the problem was related to the characteristics of the graphic card has not been confirmed.

In addition, it also plays a certain role, how high is the caste developed - how many buildings and heroes it has, number of friends etc. This explains in particular a situation when two different player accounts worked differently on the same computer.

We are currently optimizing the castle and improving its loading stage. We are developing and testing a hotfix, which will improve this situation. As much as we want to fix everything as soon as possible for you, it is also important for us to carry out some complete tests and make sure that the problem will be really solved and all of our players will return to a comfortable game. Therefore, maintenance associated with the installation of the hotfix is planned for the first half of Friday, March 25.

We would like to apologize by our players who were affected by this issue once again and thank for your patience and understanding. After maintenance on Friday, all players will receive 3 days Golden Age as a compensation. In addition, some very nice news are expecting all of us on Friday!

Thank you for staying with us!

Prime World Team