More details about the Patch 10.8

05 Mars 2016

Lords and Ladies!

A week ago we gave you the first insight into the coming patch 10.8, now we want to tell you more about the upcoming changes. Today we are going to talk about the new system of prime distribution, and modifications to the towers and soldiers!

More individual Prime

Yes, exactly, after the patch 10.8 there will be really more Prime available. Many players have asked us to revise the system of prime distribution, although this issue was never put to the vote, we just couldn't ignore that. Therefore we are ready to present you the new system in our next patch. It is not an easy task to find the balance between the individual and total Prime (for the whole team) distribution. The balance is very noticeable and even slight corrections can significantly change the game. Therefore, the Prime will be shared among all team members as it is now, but the amounts will be changed a little bit.

  • The individual part of Prime for each killed soldier and monster will be increased by about 15%. Accordingly, the part of the Prime, which is distributed among all the team members will be reduced in such a way, that the entire portion of the Prime remains unchanged.
  • To compensate for the loss of Prime while in the mini game, the reward for a captured crystal will be increased from 5 to 14 Prime.
  • The reward for “First Blood” will be reduced from 200 to 75.
What these changes mean for the gameplay:

  • The skill to effectively last hit soldiers and dodge the opponents attacks will be much more important.
  • The forest monsters will be more important for Jungler-Gankers because they will get less of the overall Prime. In order to keep up with the level, the Gankers will be forced to pay more attention to the forest.
  • The reduced reward for the “First Blood” will impact Gankers further, so that the importance of the forest beasts is further increased. The fights on the lanes will be less frantic from now on, because the “First Blood” will be less important than before.

What do you get Prime for:

But that's not everything! Increasing the importance of fighting on the lanes in 10.8 won’t be limited only to changes in the Prime distribution. The most exciting news are coming now!

Strengthening of soldiers and towers

You were often telling us that the towers don’t fulfill their protective function in a sufficient way. The towers have be strengthened so they could be a major target of attack and defense. We take your feedback seriously, and decided to rework the towers in 10.8!

  • Observation-towers (T1) will deal by 34% more damage per second due to the penetration boost.
  • The Watch-towers (T2) and Castle-towers (T3) will deal by 58% more damage per second due to the penetration boost.
  • The main building will deal 2 times more damage per second due to the penetration boost and also depending on the Strength.
  • Towers and the main building will deal 35% less damage to the soldiers, while the Warboar / Wartiger will die after 3 shots of the towers, the Rifleman / Bowman after 2 and the Destroyer / Flame Thrower after 4. With other words, the damage from the towers to the soldiers won’t change much in comparison. The damage from the main building to the soldiers will significantly increase.
  • Teleports, invisibility and blinks won’t save you from the tower shots, they will definitely hit you (like the "Thunderclap" of the hero Lightning Master / Storm Thrower").

Since the towers became stronger, their enemies - the soldiers - should also get stronger!

  • The damage which the soldiers deal to the towers will be increased by 50%, but it will stay the same against enemy heroes and soldiers. Clones or ghosts won’t receive this bonus. Damage of the Destroyer / Flame Thrower against towers remains unchanged.
  • Now when the soldiers come into range of a tower, they will directly attack only the tower without dispersing their attention to the enemy heroes or soldiers.

The rewards in Prime for destroying the towers will also be rebalanced. The importance of destruction and defense of the first towers is increased in the early phase of the game, to make the first towers targets for the whole team. On the other hand, the reward for Castle-towers (T3) is reduced because the loss of the Armory also significantly reduces the amount of Prime for the opponent team.

  • Prime for the destruction of a tower will be distributed among all heroes who were near the tower.
  • The destruction of Observation-towers (T1) will bring each team member 200 Prime instead of 100. Prime for the heroes, which were near to the tower won’t change and remains 200.
  • The destruction of Watch-towers (T2) will bring each team member 250 Prime instead of 200. Additional 250 Prime instead of 300 will be distributed among all nearby allies.
  • The reward for the Castle-towers (T3) will be reduced from 250 to 150 Prime for each team member. Additional 150 Prime instead of 250 will be among all nearby allies.
  • The reward for the “First Assault” will be reduced from 200 to 75 Prime for each team member.

What these changes mean for the gameplay:

  • The significance of towers in the defense of the territories will increase - a hero can feel safe while he is under his tower. This will allow him to escape persecution under his own tower - the opponent will think twice before following you under his tower.
  • The role of the soldiers in the destruction of towers will also increase - without them it will be much harder to do.

New information about more changes is on the way! Next week we will tell you more about the upcoming update. Leave your opinions in the comments to this announcement or in our forum.

Stay tuned!

Your Prime World Team