Contest-bonus-switcheroo! Events on March 32nd!

01 Avril 2015

Dear nobles! Today all of Praia celebrates the 32nd of March – a day when anything is possible! Maybe the heroes will show off their quirks? Or strange debuffs will appear? Or even… no, anything but this!!

But we, fearless children of Praia, are always ready for any surprises. Doubly so today.

Unique talent

Only until 09:00 UTC on April 3, receive the amazingly rare talent “Art of Cruelty” as battle reward. It cannot drop in battle aside from this event or be crafted in the Talent Forge / Garden.

Talant Art of Cruelty:

  • Type: unique (purple)
  • Tier: IV
  • Prime cost: 825
  • +4 to Strength or Intelligence, whichever is higher
  • Killing an enemy hero reduces all cooldowns by 12%

Skin Sale

Only until 09:00 UTC on April 3, following skins can be bought at silly prices!

Gitana, Fire Maestro, Demoness, Drummer, Rock-Woman, Gunsmith, Chieftain, Spellweaver, Great Hare, Cossack, Ranger, Dark Angel, Squink, Demon, and Nosferatu.

Have fun with Prime World!