Mobilization Heroes!

08 Décembre 2014

The Mobilization is finished. Now the war-weary heroes can get some well-deserved rest and recuperate, while we gather the results of the battles and nominate the top 5 fighters. Each of the winners will receive a promo-code that they can activate to receive 300 gold themselves or – in the spirit of the holidays – gift it to someone else.

Congratulations to the Mobilization Heroes! Here they are:

  • Neala (26);
  • Bloody_Qc (24);
  • exterminateur-qc (24);
  • Maharbaal (22);
  • winterfell044 (22).

Attention! To obtain promo-code the winners should make a ticket called "Mobilization, promo code" in our support (in this category).

Congratulations to winners!