21 Avril, Vendredi

Top lists for each Hero instead of absolute rating

21 Avril, Vendredi

Up to 50% discount on the production and reforging of talents!

17 Avril 2017

Liberation, Spatial Distortion talent and other pleasant rewards!

14 Avril 2017

Replenish your gold reserves and receive gifts + change names with 30% discount!

12 Avril 2017

Complete the quest chain and receive legendary crystals as and cosmic skin as a reward

10 Avril 2017

Approximate terms of seasons launch and the complete information about seasonal awards.

07 Avril 2017

Sale of heroes and skins!

31 Mars 2017

Two times more Talents and Football Skins

29 Mars 2017

Fixed Forest Wrath bug and rebalanced Hellblade

24 Mars 2017

All three jackpots, renewal for silver, a lot of legendary crystals and “Legendary Epic” set!

23 Mars 2017

Meet Hellblade in you Castles and try not to be carried away by his dark temptation!

23 Mars 2017

New Hero, Legendary Epic set upgrade and much more!

17 Mars 2017

Replenish your gold reserves on favorable terms!

15 Mars 2017

Help priests and receive a legendary set as a reward!

13 Mars 2017

Guess the most peculiar feature of the new Hero and receive it for free!

10 Mars 2017

Long-awaited action to reforge talents and Hero sale!

10 Mars 2017

The Game Servers are online again!

07 Mars 2017

Legendary presents, festive quest chains and other surprises!

03 Mars 2017

Golden Age for 3 spring months — 3 times more beneficial!

23 Février 2017

Doubled rewards and legendary talents 50% OFF!

23 Février 2017

Stay awake for interesting activities!

22 Février 2017

Game authorization problems during the week

20 Février 2017

Compensation for all players for technical problems during the weekend

20 Février 2017

Qualifying stage of the first Official Outpost Tournament has begun

17 Février 2017

Only for three days - replenish your gold reserves and receive gifts!

16 Février 2017

Changes in rating system that will appear in Prime World this spring

10 Février 2017

Sale of heroes and skins!

07 Février 2017

Fulfill quests and receive precious rewards!

03 Février 2017

Up to 50% discount on the production and reforging of talents!

03 Février 2017

Please meet rebalanced Raven!

27 Janvier 2017

Your Favourite Event is Back!

26 Janvier 2017

Fulfill quests and receive legendary talents and crystals!

25 Janvier 2017

New combat rewards changes, removal of rare talents and Hero rebalance!

20 Janvier 2017

Only for three days - replenish your gold reserves and receive gifts!

19 Janvier 2017

Increased loss rewards, rebalanced achievement points

16 Janvier 2017

Maintenance on 17th January from 04:00 (UTC) till 10:00

13 Janvier 2017

Golden Age with a 30% Discount or find a very special Jackpot in the Fair!

06 Janvier 2017

Two times beneficial during the whole weekend!

30 Décembre 2016

A new offer on the Fair and bonuses for filling up the account!

29 Décembre 2016

Gifts and Rewards for all Noble Lords and Ladies!

28 Décembre 2016

The Game Servers are up again

24 Décembre 2016

Fill your library with the ancient scrolls!

23 Décembre 2016

Beautiful Raven, new legendary talents and festive mood!

23 Décembre 2016

Raven is in the game! Prepare yourself - it is going to get hot!

23 Décembre 2016

The second part of Raven's sad story

23 Décembre 2016

My grandfather was born in the forest. A real beast he was!

21 Décembre 2016

100 Legendary Crystals for 200 Prime Crystals

17 Décembre 2016

Describe a special Christmas Monster and Receive a Red Talent!

17 Décembre 2016

Get the talents from the legendary set "Legendmakers" and take part in lottery!

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